Monday, 31 March 2014

Treasured family memories and drawings!

I was given some rather large boxes to sort through this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised that there were loads of old photos of my son, Dan and my family when I was a child.  I thought they were lost forever so it made my weekend!  It was very cathartic to sift through and throw out old, damaged and unwanted things and then throughout the junk find some treasures!

I found a lot of my old drawings and stories from when I was a kid and from college too.  The photo above is a few examples of my obsession for making comic books and stories. I used to copy pictures constantly and I do believe this practice was by far the best way to teach yourself illustration.  As a kid I remember the TV programme Rainbow with Zippy, George and Bungle and I would love the part where a picture was animated in stages first in line then colour added.  I was always clocking how things were drawn.  My Richard Scarry Mother Goose book and 1979 Disney album were like my creative bibles and I would copy them all the time.  

There are loads of my stories on scraps of paper and in my school exercise books.  I will be sitting down and reading through them.  Maybe my childhood imaginings could be used as a starting point to a picture book idea :-)

I am over the moon I have found some of my photos especially the ones with my cousin Jane.  We have had a right laugh at how I was dressed.  Victorian and old fashioned with a boy's bowl cut hairstyle at best! No wonder I love long hair and girlie dresses with my DM's and tattoos. My rebellious side never left me! I have just added to my collection with some tibetan script on my arm.

I am now in the process of putting together photo albums and looking forward to making lots of new albums with my ever growing family.  I feel so blessed to receive picture messages like the one above of my beautiful sister and my gorgeous nieces! Stacey is stunning and my cutey Issy is a cheeky monkey already full of personality.  There has to be a book about her!  She's a star! 

 I love being an auntie <3

Can't wait to visit with my big camera and take some lovely photos.  Think I will have to teach Karen a few tips as she keeps sending me blurred and fuzzy photos ha ha! Sorry Karen :-P xxx

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