Saturday, 1 March 2014

Great creative advice :-)

I love Pinterest and I was sent this pin by my hubby.  It is so true and definitely worth taking on board.

Last year I was filled with self doubt.  I had had a lot of personal and health problems and took my eye off the creative ball.  I lost my mojo and it was like the world knew it too!  Work was drying up and I didn't know why.  I was improving dramatically yet something I was doing wasn't working.  I definitely feel it was because I wasn't promoting myself the best way I could.  It was a difficult time filled with tears about negative people in my life and then one day I woke up and I found my inner strength.  I am good enough and I wasn't going to let the people who threatened to destroy my life succeed.  I picked myself up and decided to be POSITIVE.  I worked even when I didn't feel like it., when things all around me felt black.   I engrossed myself in my illustration bubble and shut out my problems creating cute animals and kids. I started researching social media promotion and began to put some ideas in place.  Whenever I felt insecure and not good enough I would take a break and do some yoga, went to therapy, read some self help books and found a positive in my work lull.  I developed my website, added myself to social networks and painted and sketched and painted some more.  Things still weren't perfect but magically interest was sparked again. I began to wake up looking forward to doing a specific painting.  I wasn't dragging myself up anymore.  I stopped comparing myself to other successful artists and looked at what I had already achieved and the excitement of what I could achieve. Reading others' blogs I became aware that many artists are filled with self doubt and compare themselves to others.  I am not alone :-) It is great to know with hard work, perseverance and support from my husband, family, friends and fellow creatives that things always turn out just right! :-) I will never complain ever about too much work and deadlines.  I love working :-)

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