Sunday, 2 March 2014

Salford City Council Illustrations - Getting Kids Healthy Eating and Keeping Fit

My husband and my step-son came across my work on a phone box today!!!  Was great to know my images are still being used for the Health Improvement services.  My characters have been used to promote healthy eating and exercise for kids around Salford.

Unfortunately I have lost most of my digital artwork.  A lesson learnt to back up my files. But I managed to find the original character illustration and one superhero character drawing.

The Original Boy Illustration

Some of the leaflet fronts for the health packs given to families

I was then asked to use the same boy and girl characters and turn them into superheroes.  They wanted them to be developed into life size mascots that could go and visit schools and events to promote health improvement within the family. 

I was asked to attend an event so I could meet my characters.  It was very strange but exciting to see them.  They went down really well with both kids and adults. 

Me and my chihuahua Paul

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