Saturday, 1 March 2014

Peggies© - Peg doll family portraits

I fancied being creative in the crafty sense and decided I wanted to paint my own matryoshka doll which is a Russian nesting doll.  I decided to search the web for a wooden blank doll and came across these cute little blank peg people.  As a child I remember going to Scotland and being able to buy cute little clothes peg dolls with woollen hair with Scottish kilts and I remember getting a DIY dolly and making her myself.  The only problem I found was I wasn't able to give her much of a face as the round end was quite small.  These peg people had much larger heads and I really wanted to have a go.  There were so many wooden blank products I decided to buy some discs, small egg shapes and of course a selection of peg people.

I was so excited to receive my creative package and decided to create a little family portrait of myself, my boyfriend, Mike and my chihuahua, Paul.  Family and friends loved them and I have had a few asking for a portrait of them :-)  I decided it would be a great little product to go alongside my traditional family portraits so "Peggies" were created.

What I love about them is that I can still create little characters that are not miles away from my painting style.  I decided to predominantly paint the pegs to give that portrait feeling.  I am currently working on a variety of "Peggies" to put in my new Smogawoo Etsy store.  I can't wait to get it up and running.  I have so many ideas for them including Christmas decorations.  I am having so much fun designing and creating them.  Just to top it off I have had my first commission and I'm in the process of creating a family of seven, with lots of cats!
I still haven't got my matryoshka doll but I'm looking forward to painting one and you never know they might also feature on my new store too :-)

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