Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Childhood Memories - Fashion Plates

I absolutely adored this as a child and would love to still own it.  I'm sure it was thrown out when I left home.  I think I may have to try and buy one for nostalgic reasons.  I would spend hours creating catalogues of different outfits always doing a variety of colours for each outfit.  And the plates had textures on the back so I could create patterns on the outfit.  I remember designing a summer dress and using the flower template and creating a multi coloured ensemble.

I also collected paint sample cards and would use their colour names as description colours for each design.

My friend Debbie and I would spend hours making catalogues, booklets and characters.  She had the Fashion Wheel but I loved the way the fashion plates seemed to me at the time like a proper design system :-)

Does anyone else remember this too? Or better still own one?

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