Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Yoga Bug Competition

You have the chance to win a one of a kind,  signed and customised print of your favourite bug from YOGA BUG with your child's name included.

The competition is open to all children from 0 years onwards, so they are allowed a little help from a grown up.

Colouring is a great way to introduce mindfulness to children.  It is a great way to calm and relax kids after a day at school or divert any negative emotions by taking their mind away from a situation that has caused them to be over-excited/angry/upset.

Benefits include:

  1. Being in the present - just enjoying the moment - Letting go of thoughts of the past or future and focusing on the now
  2. Stress relieving - creating a sense of calm 
  3. Self-expression and creativity- to just add colour without fear of doing it wrong 
  4. Taking a break - turning off from technology and having a brain break
  5. Managing feelings with a positive action
  6. Having a break away from screen time and technology.
  7. Having fun


Children are invited to use their creative talents to colour in one or both of Yoga Bug's colouring pages.  There is no need to copy the colour from the original illustrations unless they want to.  If you would rather you can always do your own illustration/drawing of one of the characters in the book or any mini-beast or bug practicing yoga.  A few are featured on my website

You can download the colouring pages from here: 
Click on image
 If you have any difficulties I can send you a copy by email

Be as creative as you like.  Use crayons, pencils, pens or you may want to add a bit of sparkle with glitter or add a 3D element to it.  Once complete you can submit your artwork in a few ways:

  1. Take a photo of your artwork or you holding your artwork and ask a grown up to post it online - on Facebook/Instagram and be sure to tag me in on it using @sarahjanehinder #sarahjanehinder #yogabug  or share it on my Facebook page
  2. Send your artwork to me by email
  3. Share it on your blog or website and send me a link to your page.


Create art mindfully - Ask your child to take their time and think about how they feel as they are colouring in. Think about the five senses - 
    • Talk about colours, what colours make them feel happy/calm/energised
    • Maybe they can listen to relaxing music or colour slowly in time with the musical flow. 
    • Focus on their breathing... nice calming long inhales and exhales.
    • Think about the other sensations - the air on the skin or the aromas surrounding them
    • Say something kind about themselves - positive affirmations

Please ensure you submit your child's work by October 31st and include their name and age and their favourite bug and yoga pose.

The winner will be notified a week after the final submission
There will also be a few runner up prizes of a Yoga Bug poster

Remember it's all about the journey and not the destination and the biggest bonus of all is you have some beautiful artwork to display on your wall from your child too!

Yoga Bug can be purchased from all major book stores and online stores

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